Roblox Flood Escape


Roblox has been around for ages and due to that, there are many popular games that have been lost through time and haven’t aged well… then there is the classics like Flood Escape that continues its success to this day. Not only does Flood Escape get plenty of visits daily, it also features in many events.

Currently, as of the time of me writing this, Flood Escape is a part of the ‘Universe event', a sponsored event about Voltron Legendary Defender by DreamWorks. There are two items you can get from Flood Escape during this event, them being: Lance’s Energy Blaster and the M3G4 Bot. Although not the best rewards from the event, in my opinion, out of all the event games, Flood Escape is the best.

They have also been featured in a lot of previous events, it’s clear that Flood Escape is a favourite of the Roblox Team. Currently, Flood Escape has raked up an impressive 815K+ favourites, 195K+ likes and 127M+ visits over seven years. Flood Escape was created on the 15/08/10, seven years ago in a few days from when this article was written.

So, what is Flood Escape? It’s quite simple, you are placed in a small level and need to compete with other players while completing different obstacles to escape the level. Sounds easy, right? Well yeah however, while you are completing this obstacle course, the water in the level will be rising, meaning if you fall off an obstacle or take too long to complete the level, you will drown and die.

There are three different difficulties for Flood Escape. The ‘Easy’ difficulty is by far the simplest, with smaller and easier levels and the flood time drastically reduced. This will give you plenty of time to slowly complete the level and will ensure your safety. The ‘Medium’ difficulty is actually hard but it is still very doable. Medium is personally my favorite difficulty, it’s hard but not super challenging, it’s also far from easy. In Medium mode, the water rises fast and the obstacles are much more difficult. The ‘Hard’ difficulty is by far the most frustrating, enraging and challenging. Water rises extremely swiftly; the obstacles are much harder however you are rewarded much greater for completing it.

The game isn’t updated too much but for every event it’s featured in its updated and honestly, in my opinion, just like most Roblox mini-games, it doesn’t need to many updates.

Overall, I give this game a solid rating of 7.5/10, and this is due to a few reasons. The gameplay is fun but I don’t feel like rating it any higher due to the core gameplay being completely the same with no diversification, there’s nothing to do but escape floods, as you’d expect. Due to this, there isn’t any varied content so it can get boring after a while. Although I do enjoy this game, there aren’t enough updates to justify rating it any higher.

I rate the game 7/10 in replayability because as I said, it can get boring after a while and extremely repetitive. Due to there being no varied content, it can feel like there isn’t much to do at times and you don’t want to be playing the same game repeatedly for hours or even days.

And finally, I rate the game 7/10 in level design. The levels are basic but suffice perfectly for the gameplay. They are all very similar though which again, is very repitive. Although, in the recent event, they made a very impressive and detailed map which I enjoyed playing a lot.

Overall, this is one of my favorite games on Roblox and has been for ages, I've even got a few game passes for Flood Escape. I definitely recommend playing this game, especially during the new event as the secret level in it is amazing!