Roblox In Plain Sight


In Plain Sight is one of my favourite games on Roblox however it has unfortunately not achieved as much success as other great games.

The idea of the game is simple, there are two teams, the Thieves and the Camera. As a Thief, you must blend in with the crowd which look identical to you and your fellow Thieves and deceive the Camera into thinking you are just another NPC. While you camouflage into your surroundings, you must steal various objects and then take them to one of the few exits hidden around the map. As a Camera, your mission is to distinguish the Thieves from the NPCs by keeping a close eye on them as they try to steal. You have a laser that can kill Thieves fast however if you hit an NPC, you will receive negative points. If you hit a Thief you receive lots of points though that you can spend on lots of other things.

Currently, the game is sitting at 2M+ Visits, 25K+ likes and 75k+ favourites. It may sound like a decent amount but overall, it isn’t that much. In my opinion, it deserves much more credit than it gains. In Plain Sight was created by all_duck, a small-time game developer that although hasn’t made very many games, he has input in various games owned by other players.

There are three different game passes you can buy for In Plain Sight but there are also multiple in-game purchases as well. The three game passes are; VIP, which costs $90 Robux, as a VIP player you get a major discount on all disguises and cameras and you also have access to the VIP Room. The Character Disguise game pass allows for you to wear your own avatar in-game as a disguise although it does not give you any custom abilities. All this for only $150 Robux that’s actually pretty expensive although I’m sure if the game was much bigger then it would be pricier than $150 Robux. Finally, we have the Random Laser Color game pass which will allow you to shoot random colours of laser beams. It only costs $30 Robux and is useless but a cool accessory.

There are multiple different maps that are all diverse to choose from, all of which hold different advantages and disadvantages.

Overall, I rate this game a high 8/10, it’s very enjoyable and occasionally I just feel like playing it although unfortunately, it hasn’t received too much success and isn’t updated too often. The base content of the game is well-made though however it can become rather repetitive after a few rounds.

I rate the game a solid 7/10 in game design. As I said, it’s very enjoyable and is a unique experience on Roblox and is a well-made game although it can get repetitive which isn’t great. Due to the content being quite bland, I can’t really rate it much higher. If it had a few more updates and maybe some new gamemodes, that would probably refresh the game a little and in which case I’d rate In Plain Sight higher.

And finally, I rate the game 6.5/10 in replayability. In Plain Sight is increasingly bothering to play in long sessions although if you space out your game time over several days, it’s not as bad. I love the core gameplay of In Plain Sight although it could be more varied in my opinion.

That’s all I really should say although I do want to compliment the thumbnails of In Plain Sight as they do look very neat. I highly approve of this game and encourage you to check it out, I feel like it’s a hidden gem on Roblox that doesn’t receive nearly enough appreciation of what it deserves.