Roblox Prison Life

Prison Life is one of the most popular ROBLOX game to ever be created! It was made back in January of 2014 by Aesthetical, a game developer that never received the attention he deserved until much later, in 2016. That is when the game truly exploded and although there was already a highly-devoted fan-base beforehand, it was 2016 that blew the game up.

The game was updated majorly, keeping the same original, cops and robbers theme it always had but with better graphics, weapons and vehicles. If you take a look at the game now compared to how it was originally, you'd be able to easily notice the massive changes. Although the buildings interiors stayed the same, they looked much more detailed after these major updates.

After getting noticed for its' great work, it slowly but surely, climbed its way up the most popular game categories, surpassing rivals like Phantom Forces and RoCitizens. In fact, now-a-days it is frequently at the top of the most popular games chart, unlike today where an obby is #1.

The game's setting is quite simple and as you could have guessed. You can choose to either play as a prisoner, where your job will be to find a way to break out of prison or just go around your everyday life as a prisoner. There are plenty of tools and weapons like hammers and knives, hidden around the map for you to pick up and utilize to help you escape. As for breaking out of the building, there are many different opportunities. You could escape through the cafeteria vents, the sewers beneath the cells or even just get lucky and spot a guard's key card or pistol on the floor. Once you've escaped you'll be registered as a criminal/civilian. As a criminal you can either hunt down guards, hunt down escaped inmates, or even break out other convicts. You will be rewarded with multiple guns and cars for escaping, and you can use these to defend yourself or to break out your friends! Then there is the final job, being a guard! You will be armed with a few guns, a Taser and a pair of handcuffs to protect the prison with! Your job is quite simple, all you have to do is prevent people from breaking out and killing any criminals that get in your way. If you want to take your guarding to another step, you can buy the Riot game pass that will give you guns, an exclusive riot shield and armor to decrease the damage that you receive.

The game is very well made with everything from custom cars to custom buildings. Aesthetical and his team behind it clearly put a lot of effort into the game. Due to these facts, there is no wonder as to why it is arguably the most popular game on ROBLOX right now. The fact that the game topples all its competitors daily, is well and truly incredible and it's obvious as to why, with the phenomenal efforts that was put into the game.

The game currently sits at an outstanding, 255M+ visits with the count increasing at a very fast rate due to its current relevance. At the time of me speaking this, the game has 10,063 players online at the moment in different servers so just from that count, imagine how many visits it gets per day. Considering that the game hasn't been updated since November and is still holding up so well, it proves that this game never gets old or boring. The game also has 225k+ likes and 782k+ favorites with a measly 29k+ dislikes. Prison Life is clearly beloved by the ROBLOX community and by taking all these statistics into account, I would say that I am ready to rate it.

From a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this game a very solid, 8.5 overall. I would rate this game even higher but considering I haven't rated other games on ROBLOX yet, I'll leave it at 8.5 which is not a low number at all. Out of all the games on ROBLOX, this is one of my favorites for sure.

I would give it a 5 out of 10 in activity, considering that it isn't updated to frequently although saying that…

I would give it a 9 out of 10 in playability. It is very hard to ever get bored of this game and that is by far one of its strongest points to back it up. Despite it rarely receiving updates, that doesn't really matter due to the game having so much to do.

I would give it a 7.5 out of 10 in graphics. The game looks very good although saying that, I have seen more realistic looking games but still quite impressive!

Anyway, that's it for my game review on Prison Life!

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