G-Rated Family Gaming

Another one of the family streaming channels that have been growing massively over the past few months is G-Rated Family Gaming. Just like other Roblox streamers, G-Rated Family Gaming has grown quite the popularity. Although they focus on Roblox videos, they also upload funny sketches and gameplays.

The family consists of G-Mum, G-Dad whom is the main host, G-Daughter and G-Son. They are currently one of the most consistent Roblox streamers in the community, uploading multiple videos and streams per day! At the moment, they are uploading gameplay streams and videos displaying the brand new Roblox toys in action. They also happen to be friends with a lot of the other big Roblox streamers on YouTube such as Laugh It Up Gaming, Redneck Gamer and Fraser2TheMax.

G-Son is most known for reviewing toys on the channel. G-Daughter is known for playing Roblox and other games as well as G-Dad who hosts the streams. G-Mum isn’t in the videos as much as the rest of the G-Family but can be seen in a few livestreams.

They are definitely one of the fastest growing channels right now in the Roblox community and you should check them out and support their livestreams.

YouTube Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClyWLZDiU8Y730ki4roRGPQ