Laugh It Up Gaming

Roblox streaming is a newly-growing genre on YouTube, with streaming only being recently added to YouTube’s categories. Although it’s new on YouTube, players have been streaming Roblox for years on Twitch but it has gained a whole new popularity after big YouTubers and newly-found streamers have started uploading and streaming, live. A good example of one of these newly-found streamers that are gaining quite the success is Laugh It Up Gaming.

Laugh It Up Gaming is hosted by the Dad on the channel however it often features his three children who will take over at times and play with fans. Despite them having only 3,100 subscribers at the moment of this being written, he is one of the most viewed streamers whenever he does stream.

His streaming schedule varies over the weeks however he goes live most weekends and sometimes, multiple times per week. As well as streaming, he occasionally plays other games like Minecraft and uploads them, as well as challenges and Q&As.

So far, he has been streaming for 3 months and currently has 64 Roblox streams uploaded on his channel. His first upload, on the other hand, was 7 months ago playing family-friendly games online.

He seems to have some of the loyalist and most dedicated fans in the Roblox community and he continues to grow and get lots of likes on every stream.

Sometimes, he even does collaborations with other Roblox streamers and YouTubers such as G-Rated Family Gaming, another growing Roblox streamer and Fraser2TheMax’s Dad!

I would highly advise checking out his funny streams although unfortunately, it might be quite hard to view him from Europe due to his late uploads. Either way, you should drop him a subscription and even if you can’t catch his streams live, you should watch his archives that he uploads to his channel.

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