Whether you’ve seen his channel or not, there’s a solid chance that you’ve heard the name ‘Productivemrduck’ before, as he isn’t only known for his YouTube channel. Productivemrduck is one of EthanGamerTV’s most frequently appearing friends in videos. Obviously, being friends with the most popular Roblox kid gamer will gain you quite some attention in the Roblox scene and that is how Duck made a name for himself.

Although his name may have caught attention thanks to EthanGamerTV, his channel wasn’t boosted too much from his fame on Ethan’s channel. Productivemrduck had gained only a limited boost by Ethan and since then, he has built his channel completely independently for over a year and it has since then, recently hit 6000 subscribers.

EthanGamerTV may be the most impressive YouTuber he has done a collaboration with however he is by no means the only YouTuber that has been featured in Duck’s videos or vice-versa, for example, Fraser2TheMax.

Productivemrduck’s content is quite varied, with multiple let’s plays and guides being uploaded on a frequent basis.

His most popular video was in fact a recent guide on how to obtain all the characters in a trending Roblox game called Cleaning Simulator. Within the short time-frame of two months, he has gathered over 127k views!

Productivemrduck has achieved a lot in the Roblox scene with his collaborations, his YouTube channel and he even won a Bloxy Award for his GIFs.

Productivemrduck is a completely family-friendly channel suitable for all ages however his target audience would appear to be that of most Roblox YouTubers, young kids between the ages of seven to thirteen. There is absolutely no issues with Duck's channel and so I highly recommend watching his channel. All of his videos are funny, family-friendly and have a lot of effort put into them.

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