Roblox Apocalypse Rising

There are few games on Roblox that are as successful as Apocalypse Rising. Not only has it won multiple awards, not only has it been one of the most popular games for years, but it also has one of the most loyal, dedicated and consistent playerbases on Roblox. Apocalypse Rising is, as described by the developer of the game Gusmanak, ‘an open world zombie survival game where the zombies aren’t the only threat’. What he means by that is although the main enemy in the game are zombies, players will also be out to get you. That’s right, not only is this game a PvE genre, but also PvP. You are also able to team up with your friends and other players. The aim is to survive for as long as possible and to get the ultimate gear.

So, how does it work? When you first log in, you are given the option to customise your character. At first, you will receive very basic choices and will start off with no armour or resources. Alternatively, you can pay to start off with decent equipment and armour. Once you’ve created your character, you will be spawned into a random location in a huge map that contains a town, villages, etc. If you’re lucky, you will be spawned into an abandoned town with plenty of resources to hoard. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be spawned into a remote field full of zombies. Scattered around the map are resources like armour, medical kits, weapons, backpacks, etc. that you need to pick up to stay alive and to fight other players and zombies. There are also other things that spawn around the map like vehicles that will allow you to get around a lot easier. You can now even build bases with walls, etc.

The game itself is based off games like H1Z1, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, Arma, etc. that kind of genre, but for free and on Roblox. As you can imagine, that is why the game is quite a sensation although, it can be quite challenging at times. The zombies aren’t too much of a threat, they are quite easy to kill and are quite slow. Players on the other hand, can be an issue. Especially considering that they could have guns while you’re unarmed.

Although the game has got a PvE element to it, it’s pretty much just a PvP game because the zombies are weak, low-healthed and don’t spawn too frequently. Meanwhile, you’ll have plenty of run-ins with other players whom are also looking to loot the various towns, etc.

There are several types of weapons to find, all with different uses although you’ll normally find that the automatic weapons are the best. You start off with a simple pistol and from there you can then loot axes, knives and other guns like shotguns and rifles.

There is also a thirst/stamina/hunger system in the game that will require you to drink, eat and to keep track of your energy. The more energy you have, the longer you can run.

You can also get perks that will gift you with different benefits in-game. The Cardio perk increases your stamina regeneration by 2x as fast as normal. This allows you to sprint for longer periods of time than other players. The Survivalist perk allows you to have less need for drinks and foods. Hunger and thirst depletes much slower. The Ninja perk makes you much stealthier, allowing for you to escape enemies and to sneak up to them to ambush them. It also makes it harder for zombies to find you. The sounds the ground makes from you running/walking on it is decreased. The final perk is called Vitality and having it means you will regenerate your health faster. These diverse perks have created many arguments within the Apocalypse Rising community over which perk is the best. The Survivalist perk is quite un-necessary due to how common drinks and food are to come across in-game however it’s great in Hardcore mode. The Vitality perk is useful but due to how long it takes to fully regenerate your health, some people think otherwise than to use it. The Ninja perk is pretty good but if people aren’t listening to music, watching videos or listening to the in-game radio, they can still hear you running and walking due to it not fully muting your movement sounds. In my opinion, the Cardio perk is the best because although it’s use isn’t great, it’s the most convenient and allows for you to cover ground quite quickly.

Now, it’s time to rate this game…

Overall, I’d rate this game 8.5 out of 10, one of my highest ratings yet. Although it can be incredibly frustrating at times if you AFK with great gear and someone comes along and kills you, or if you’re looting a corpse and their friend sneaks behind you, it’s still a very fun game. Sometimes, I like to just come on this game to have a little bit of a mess around and to see how far I can get in small sessions. It’s a very well-made game, with intelligent NPCs (the zombies), large and unique maps and advanced systems. I would consider this game ‘ahead of the curve’ in terms of development. As great as it is though, it has its flaws, as you’ll see later in this review. It might not be the most enjoyable games for me but I can appreciate how much effort was put into this game and I can understand why so many players favour this game over others on Roblox.

In terms of gameplay, I’d rate this game 8 out of 10. There isn’t any diverse content in this game but in my opinion, that isn’t needed for Apocalypse Rising or the genre of gaming it’s categorised as. It’s fun, exciting and addictive and those are three requirements a game needs to be successful. There’s not much wrong with the gameplay, just that it can become very frustrating and repetitive after a while.

Probably my biggest complaint about this game is the number of things you must pay for in this game, in fact, at times I would consider it pay to win. The cosmetic side of this game (weapon skins) are extremely expensive. Not only are the cases containing these skins hard to acquire in-game but once you do come across one, you can only open it if you pay the Robux at the sight. There’s also a lot of features like double perks, spawning with GPS, maps, radios, food, weapons, armour, etc. that will give you a major advantage against other players, all of which you must pay for! It’s quite greedy, I understand that the developers need paid for their work but it gets quite absurd! It’s the same issue that Jailbreak falls into, the amount of content that requires for you to pay Robux which costs real money!

For map design, I give this game a 7.5 out of 10 dues to the maps not being super creative but still taking a lot of time and effort to create. They aren’t incredibly attractive, nor are they much different but they fit all the requirements needed for a playable map.

That’s all I really feel like I need to rate on this game. As I said, it’s a great game that I suggest trying out although it can be quite difficult to pick up and play and can be quite time consuming.

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