Welcome to, my name is Adam also know as MadaVoid in Roblox. I am the brother of Kid Gaming YouTuber Fraser2TheMax, I aim to review as many of the games both big and some less known games you can find and play on Roblox.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game, aimed at younger gamers but rated for everyone above the age of eight. It offers a creative take on online games, much different than competitors such as Club Penguin (now closed by Disney). It allows you to either create games for other players to enjoy or simply play games created by teens and adults alike. You can play Roblox on iOS, Android, Xbox One and of course, the most popular platform, PC.

As the slogan suggests, the game is all about ‘powering imagination'. You are given the blocks and you can choose what to build out of them, whether it be an FPS game like Phantom Forces or a roleplaying game like Meep City. There is a vast diversity in genres to choose from.

Create Your Own Games In Roblox

As a game creator, you are presented with certain blocks, weapons, tools and assets to assist you in your creative career. After deciding what game mode your game will be, you must start building. Fortunately, you won't have to do everything by yourself as kind users have already created pre-made buildings and more to be used, free of charge. As well as this, there are also plenty of YouTubers that will give you helpful tips and tricks when it comes to creating and animating games such as the wonderful AlvinBLOX, a young teen that learnt how to code and animate games from a young age! Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as just building a game however, as mentioned before about AlvinBLOX, a true skillful game requires scripting, coding, animating and much more! Although it may be hard at first, after a while you should begin to gradually get better at it and it will feel very rewarding after completion! As well as providing entertainment to millions of players from all over the world, it will also teach you real life skills that you could use in the future as a job. Despite it being ‘just' a game, these are the very basics to computer coding and scripting and could land you a future job with big companies! Enough with the complicated stuff though, if you'd like to learn more about developing games and all the tricks required, make sure to check out AlvinBLOX's YouTube channel as prior mentioned.

Roblox Catalog and Trading

Although at first Roblox may seem like just a game where you create or play games, it's far from it. One of the most popular sections and themes on Roblox is trading and the catalog. Roblox put a lot of effort into their trading system, allowing you to build a virtual empire of hats and gear to dress your character to assure that they have the upper notch against other players when it comes down to style! Trading may seem complicated, expensive and hard however, once you start trading, you could end up virtually -rich- on the game by working yourself up the ranks. Using these items, you can not only show off your skills when it comes to trading but you can sell these items for the currency that Roblox or ‘Robloxians' use, Robux.

Robux In-Game Currency

Robux is the virtual currency for the website that you can gain from real life money, trading or by creating successful games! This Robux can be exchanged to buy games, game DLCs (downloadable content) or even exchanged for major, real life money! Yes, believe it or not, you can gain -ACTUAL- money from creating and developing games! In fact, some people even make and adjust games as their job! Although it may not be as well-paying as other jobs, as a teenager, student or part-time worker, this could definitely suffice! Another way to make Robux is buying the online membership for Roblox called Builder's Club. Builder's Club, unlocks even more features for the website such as exclusive items and games, in-game privileges, unlocks trading and much more. One other way of earning Robuxis by joining the vastly popular catalog community by creating virtual clothes that you can then sell for Robux and can later be exchanged for cash.

Roblox Clothes

Clothes creating is an extremely important part of Roblox. Not only does this allow more ways to earn Robux but it is also a way of customizing your character to make them unique. All you need is to be either good with photoshop, an artist or preferably both! In fact, this trend on the website has become so popular that just like games, there are people that earn a pretty penny from this business. There are whole in game studios dedicated to simply making and creating clothing to then go on to sell to the public, with the most popular brand probably being KESTREL. The in-game clothes studio creates clothing and has become a popular fashion symbol in game. Their smart and trendy clothing attracts all sort of Roblox fans!

Roblox Groups

Groups are a large part of Roblox and creating a diverse identity between players. As a new player, you can join 5 groups however, if you become a Builder's Club member then you can have up to 100 groups and games! There are all sorts of groups on Roblox, everything from roleplaying groups such as the many Star Wars RP groups, to fandom groups like the Fraser2TheMax Fan group and of course, clothing groups like KESTREL. If you can name it, there is probably a group for it. As a group, you are able to compete in the clan leaderboards for popular games, sell group items and make group games. A good example of a game creating studio is Mad Studios. The group are the developers of such giants as The Mad Murderer, Mad Paintball and many more grand successes! These groups allow team builds to become much easier because everyone knows, the best games require teams!

Roblox Forums

The Forums is a huge part of the Roblox community. Very similar to Reddit threads are the Roblox threads. There are plenty of sub-genres to talk about such as Suggestions, Game Design and Video Games. These forums are a place to run rampant with other Roblox fans where you can talk about absolutely anything you want. It is quite often for Roblox employees to respond to questions and requests so it is very worth it to check them out. For more Roblox community content, you should check out the Roblox Twitch streams, YouTube channel, sub-reddit and Discord!

Roblox YouTubers

YouTube is very much a part of the Roblox community with multiple viral YouTubers that are watched daily by their devoted followers. With such a loyal fan base, there's no wonder why Roblox is one of the most popular, kid gaming genres on YouTube. There are plenty of wonderful, kid-friendly YouTubers out there such as EthanGamerTV, DanTDM, SallyGreenGamer, AlvinBLOX, Fraser2TheMax and many, many more to choose from! As well as these kid-friendly YouTubers, there are also some that make videos targeted at older audience, mostly teens such as AlbertsStuff. Although not the best content to show to your kids, his funny and comedic content is perfect to make teens laugh!

Roblox Events

Roblox events are a common occurrence during seasonal events or during sponsorships where players are able to accomplish certain challenges on popular Roblox games or custom event-games. If you complete specific achievements, you will be able to earn unique hats and gears that are exclusive to that event! Some annual events that happen every year is the Easter event where there is normally a custom game made just for it, Halloween which is the same kind of thing as Easter, Christmas and a few more that take place every year. Although Roblox don't usually put as much effort into them as hats that cost actual money, they are still quite cool and worth picking up, especially for collectors! If ever an event is too hard, you should be able to find a valuable guide on the internet that can help you.