Roblox Escape the Minions – Adventure Obby

There’s two main reasons I don’t do many reviews on Roblox obbies and that’s due to there not being very much to talk about and that most of them feel very repetitive. Going into this game, I didn’t have very high expectations. From its title and front image, it seemed like just another basic obby based off a viral trend made to get plays and Robux… and I was left very surprised.

ESCAPE THE MINIONS!! Adventure Obby was developed by the Shovelware development team, a group of players that make unique obbies on Roblox. What is so special about their obbies, might you ask? Well, so far, I’ve only played the minion obby but I was surprised, and I’ll probably try their other obbies as well after this game. An average obby on Roblox, in my opinion, is an obstacle course which requires to jump, run and sneak through/about/over things. They don’t usually take much effort to create, just add a few free textures and free blocks and you’ve got yourself an obby, clickbait it and then you’ll be making Robux which can be exchanged for real life money. This has become quite an issue on Roblox. The obby creating community is in a lot of doubt now-a-days and are very untrustworthy, which is a shame for developers that put effort into their games like Shovelware.

Anyway, enough with obbies in general, more about this game. Unlike your average obby, Shovelware have used multiple different game codes and elements so that each stage feels different. Overall, there are 28 stages in the game and usually on a basic obby, 28 stages can become very boring due to how repetitive they can be. What Shovelware have done is they’ve made a lot of those 28 stages have unique gameplay featured in different games. Once entering the game, on stage one, you must free-fall while multiple different obstacles get in your way, such as giant sharp fans and stupid minions. Then, in the following stages, you must dodge multiple challenging obstacles while running super-fast (and uncontrollably). You also have the ability to double-jump which you don’t find in most obbies. Personally, I found this obby a lot harder than most obbies due to stages like these. There is so much going on and so much limited space, it’s great. Once I got the hang of it though, the rest of the stages were quite easy for me. Later, you will find other gamemodes to defeat. One stage had me doing a dance-off against the villain of the obby. Another was just like flood escape, but it was a massive army of minions rising instead of water. There was even a stage that was just like one of the questionnaire games on Roblox that had you answering various pop quiz questions. Note that I haven’t mentioned every stage here and that’s because there was so much happening in each stage, I’m struggling to remember everything, all I know is that I enjoyed every level.

Another unique feature of this obby is that there is an actual plot to it, although it may not be the most… detailed of plots, it’s still better and has a lot more effort put into it than your average obby.

I must admit, this is by far the best obby I’ve ever played, it managed to keep me entertained for 28 stages and it had a lot of effort put into it, unlike most obbies. Considering how much I enjoyed this obby, I might start reviewing more in the future depending on whether I can find any more good obbies. Bear in mind though, they probably won’t be as large or detailed as my regular reviews due to there not being too much to discuss about an obby.

The only real downside I have for this game is the number of things you must buy with Robux scattered around although I can forgive them for it. All the items you can buy to give yourself a major advantage, are completely optimal. It’s easy enough to complete the obby yourself

Overall, I would rate this game a very high 8 out of 10 and that’ll probably be the highest score I ever give an obby. Maybe an 8 out of 10 is a little too high for an obby but I was genuinely so surprised with the amount of effort that Shovelware put into this game.

Make sure to check out Shovelware’s other games and if you’re one of the many that ironically love the Emoji movie or hate it, check out Shovelware’s Twitter account in which they are holding a vote on whether to create the Emoji Movie obby!

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