Roblox Jailbreak

You’ve probably noticed the trending theme by now if you’ve been playing Roblox for any length of time, games that involve you breaking out of or guarding a prison tend to be very popular in the Roblox games community. There’s been so many successful prison games on Roblox that it’s hard to keep track of them all. However, recently there has been a brand-new prison game that came out of no-where that very suddenly became the most popular game on Roblox. At the moment of this being published, it is dominating all the other games on Roblox. Yes, that’s right, ‘DOMINATING’. It has completely overtook Meep City, Prison Life, Murder Mystery 2 and every other popular Roblox game, and by a fair bit too, infact, we’re talking by the tens of thousands.

It’s fair to say that the game has taken the Roblox community by storm and although it’s unknown whether this game will be just another one-hit wonder, it certainly looks promising. It contains most of the best aspects of Redwood Prison and Prison Life while adding its very own mixture to it all. Probably the most distinctive feature that differs Jailbreak from its fellow prison games is that a vast majority of the game is played singleplayer. As a guard, you will be focusing on teaming up with fellow police to guard the prison and to arrest escaped convicts, however, as a prisoner your job is to break out of the prison which trust me, is very easy in this game, you literally need no help. Once you’ve broke out of the prison which can easily be done in a few minutes alone, you become a criminal just like in Prison Life and now your job is to run around, shooting cops, robbing banks and causing chaos in the streets.

Currently, at the time of me writing this article, despite it only recently being released, it has 29M+ visits, 364K+ favourites, 126K+ likes and might even own the record for the fastest growth in a game -EVER- on Roblox! That’s crazy considering the amount of games that are released every day. The developer team behind it is known as Badimo, founded by asimo3089 and badcc, a fantastic duo, with asimo being the builder of the team and badcc being the programmer. It’s very impressive what they have accomplished with only two people or at least, that’s all we know.

Even if the game turns out to be a one-hit wonder, it will definitely go down in Roblox history as one of the biggest new-releases of all time and if we judge it by the direction that the game is heading in, then it’s likely that this game will be a classic on Roblox for many months (and hopefully years) to come.

Now it’s time to give my ratings on this game.

Overall, I’d rate this game a very solid 7.5/10 although it could easily go even higher, even up to a 9/10, it has the potential. I wouldn’t rate it as high as that yet however because it’s only a new release and still has a lot of time to it. This game is only in beta and is already incredible so that’s why I’m rating it so high for a new release. The game is fun, full of content and is a massive hit with fans.

In playability, I rate this game 8/10 although again, it could be even higher. Obviously, it is only a new release so we don’t know how much content will be put into this game past the first few opening weeks. Just now however, there is plenty of fun to be had as a guard, prisoner or criminal.

In graphics, I rate it 7/10 because it’s graphics aren’t anything special although it’s still a very nice world with some of the best car models I’ve ever seen, a decent-looking world and there are animations that you can use as a character.

It’s a pretty good game that’s for sure and its statistics definitely prove it however, it’s still in beta so a lot of its content isn’t final and it sure looks like there could be future content aswell. I might update this review in a few months depending on the status of the game.

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