Roblox Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is by far one of the most popular and successful games of all time on ROBLOX. The game was created back in 2014 and has been popular since. Branching off the success of the original Murder Mystery game and other ROBLOX games themed after the popular Garry's Mod game mode ‘Murder', it quickly grew in popularity. The game is quite simple, you play as either an innocent, a sheriff or as the murderer!

As the murderer, you are the most important figure in the game. You oversee how the game plays out, whether the innocents win or whether they are all slaughtered. You are armed with only a knife and must try kill everyone within a limited time frame whilst trying to not get shot by the sheriff. As you can imagine, as easy as the concept sounds, when you are in a full lobby of professionals then it can be quite hard to get away with it. There are all sorts of clues to help the sheriff and innocents identify who the murderer is and you need to try hide you track.

As the sheriff, you oversee protecting the innocents and making sure that the murderer doesn't get away with his crimes. Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as it sounds. Although you are armed with a trusty revolver, you cannot just go around shooting everyone. If you make the wrong decision and accidently shoot an innocent, then it is game over for you as both you and the victim will die and your gun will be left unguarded! Have no fear however, your death doesn't mean that the innocents have lost just quite yet, as they can pick up your gun and become sheriffs themselves.

Then finally we have the innocents. Whilst there are only one sheriff and one murderer per round, there are multiple innocents. These innocents fit in with the sheriff and murderer however not everybody knows that. There are a few ways you can play out your round as an innocent. The easiest way to win would be to find a good hiding spot and just wait your way out of the round and whilst that can be successful at times, it is quite boring after a while. Another way, and in my opinion the most fun way to play, is to try to assist the sheriff in tracking down the murderer. Although it may be riskier, you could be the person that saves the day or you could become a sheriff yourself if you closely follow the actual sheriff.

There are much more things to do however than just playing the game normally. What makes this server unique compared to most Murder games on the site, is the customization options. The game has a huge trading system that is closely related to CS: GO as in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the FPS game created by Valve for PC Gaming. You can earn numerous coins per round for winning or picking them up and you can then use these to buy crates to open. Inside is a random knife that can be of any quality. These range from Uncommon up to Godly. For each rarity is a different drop rate with Godly knives of course being the rarest, with a drop rate of roughly 1-3%!

As for ways, you can spend ROBLOX on this game, you can buy a Shadow Item Pack containing multiple ‘Godly' items that would usually be super rare drops from crates. You can buy a Radio that can allow you to play annoying songs for everyone in your lobby to hear and complain about! And finally, we have the Elite rank which gives you many ‘Legendary' items as well as a few extra fancy perks.

Overall I would rate this game 8/10 for its vast diversity. If you don't like the gameplay, then maybe you'll play for the trading, if you don't like trading then it doesn't matter, you can just stick to casual gameplay! There's so much to do and it doesn't really get boring with the number of different maps there are to play on. It also has a large community on ROBLOX, YouTube and Twitter!

In graphics design I would rate it 7/10. The maps are highly detailed, the in-game weapons (aka the knives and guns) look amazing and overall, the game looks very clean but I've still seen better.

In playability I would rate it 8.5/10 because it's quite hard to get bored of this game as there is so much fun activities to do on it!

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