Roblox Natural Disaster Survival

One of the original games to gain massive popularity on Roblox was Natural Disaster Survival. Created back in 2008, it was a great idea and the first of its kind. Since its release, there have been multiple other, natural disaster based games created due to the success of this game. It was developed by Stickmasterluke, one of the greatest game developers of all time whom was so good that he is now working for Roblox! He’s created many successful games on Roblox, especially a lot of old classics. All his games have been quite successful but none of them are as popular as Natural Disaster Survival, which continues to have hundreds of thousands of players each day. At the time of me writing this, Natural Disaster Survival has 346M+ visits, 654K+ likes and 2M+ favourites. It is consistently on the front page of the ‘Most Popular Games’ section of the Games page on Roblox.

So, what is Natural Disaster Survival? Well, as you can guess, it’s a game in which you and twenty-nine other players must compete to try and survival multiple diverse natural disasters. There is a whole load of different game modes however the two-best known are flash flood and tornado. There’s all sorts of different disasters however, including acid rain and even meteor showers! Because we all know they’re both common in real life. As you can imagine, it can be a pretty fun game at times however you are able to buy a few game passes like the ‘Balloon’ that kind of ruin the fun but also allow you to survive a lot more, which in turn gets you more points and a higher score.

It’s also a pretty fun game to play on stream or in videos which obviously attracts streamers and YouTubers, which, in turn, benefits the game and increases its player base.

The developer of this game, Stickmasterluke, even has his own Roblox toy due to the popularity of this game! He’s also received many in game items and it’s all thanks to this game, which was the roots of his success.

Overall, I would rate this game 7.5 out of 10 from a scale of 1 to 10. I would rate it higher if it weren’t for the fact that the content can become quite bland after long game sessions. It is however, an easy game you can pick up at any time and enjoy so due to that, I’m going to rate it quite highly. It is a very fun game when played in separate sessions.

I would rate it 6 out of 10 in activity because it isn’t updated very frequently except for minor bugs/issues that are fixed. Actual, additional content isn’t added often which is my only real issue with this game. To be fair, with a game like Natural Disaster Survival, it doesn’t need to much extra content but it would be nice if the developers added more maps, more often.

I rate this game very highly in playability, in fact, I would rate it 9 out of 10 dues to it being one of the few games on Roblox that I sometimes feel the urge to play. It’s hard to explain, but there are times when I feel like playing this game and I’m sure many people feel this about many games. What’s strange about it the most though is that I don’t play this game too much. Sometimes you just feel like trying to survive a few rounds of natural disasters.

And finally, I can’t really give it a rating in graphics, etc. due to the game being a mini-game but instead, I will rate it on map design.

I rate this game 7.5 out of 10 in general map design. The maps/levels in Natural Disaster Survival are all unique and feature diverse ways to survive the disasters, whether it be a shelter to protect you from acid rain or a blizzard, or even a tall tower to escape a tsunami. I enjoy the majority of the maps on this game however there are one or two that I find quite annoying or too basic compared to the rest.

BONUS ROUND: The Natural Disasters

In this review, I’ve decided to add a bonus round that you won’t find in any other of my reviews on games. I will be judging the natural disasters on this game, because they are kind of the point of this game.

Overall, I would rate this game 9.5 out of 10 in the way that the developers portray their natural disasters and how they function in game. Although some disasters like the blizzard/snow-storm can be more annoying than others, in general, the way these natural disasters play-out in game is very entertaining. They all feature different mechanics and that adds to the fun. The tsunami/tidal-wave will destroy and kill anything that gets in its way. The tornado has unpredictable movement and due to that, it will move all around the map. The acid rain encourages you to think about what the best shelter is, with the thickest layers to protect you. The list goes on and on but I think you get the point now. The way that these natural disasters work in-game is great and it is what differs this game from all the other natural disaster games. None of the other natural disaster games capture what people enjoy about this game. The disasters are much more basic in other games and aren’t as professional and the maps have a lot less effort put into them and this is why Natural Disaster Survival excels.

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