Roblox Broken Bones Series

Broken Bones is a series of Roblox games consisting of Broken Bones 1, 2 and 3. These games are designed around the concept of breaking as many bones as possible in a fun manner. Although it might not have the best of messages for younger players, it was very successful and continues to be one of the biggest franchises on Roblox. The comedic plot of the game was a sensation with the Roblox community, causing it to gain a lot of attention and visits.

The game was created by Zaquille, a developer that has been playing Roblox since early May of 2016. Since then he has gained a combined amount of place visits that adds up to almost 58 million! Broken Bones 2 has 53K+ likes, 12M+ visits and was created back in late 2014. Broken Bones 3 has only 3M+ visits and 12K+ likes but was created in late 2015. The original game, Broken Bones, was created all the way back in 2010 but has 9K+ likes and 3M+ visits.

Unfortunately, the game’s success is depleted by the fact that the game is fun for a while but doesn’t have very much playability. All the levels have the same goals, just that there are new and diverse ways to break your bones. The gameplay can get quite repetitive due to this and so once you have completed all the levels, there is not much point in continuing to play the game. This can also explain why the game has so many expansions, due to the unfortunate side effects that a game like this has.

Fortunately for the game’s developers, due to how fun it is to watch on videos, many YouTubers record videos on Broken Bones which sprouts its growth. So, whilst it’s fame doesn’t last for very long, thanks to its popularity on YouTube, it’s new instalments tend to get quite a lot of visits and keep it relevant.

Another good note about Broken Bones is its physics and animations which are somewhat revolutionary on Roblox. It is well applauded for it’s very modernised physics which are very impressive for a Roblox game, taking inspiration from actual, big title games. It is certainly a unique game, that’s for sure and it is somewhat pleasing seeing your Roblox character break his bones and shake around like a lunatic.

Overall, I’d give the game a 6/10 rating, because as fun as it is, unfortunately there isn’t much incentive about it and it’s a game that once completed, there isn’t much else to really do. I would like to place it higher due to how fun it can be to watch on YouTube and to watch your character freak out, but it wouldn’t be fair to other games I have reviewed that have a lot of playability.

I’d rate the game 5/10 in playability. Unfortunately, compared to other games I have reviewed, there isn’t much fun in playing the game after completing it. The content is very repetitive with the only difference being the terrain in which you fall on. As I said, there isn’t much content in these games however fortunately, they frequently receive expansions.

I’d rate the game an 8/10 in graphic/animations design. The game is amazingly animated with incredible physics that would make some actual games jealous. It has revolutionary physics for Roblox and the graphics seem to be getting better by every new game.

That’s all for this review, thanks for reading and I would highly suggest checking out Fraser2TheMax’s video in which he plays Broken Bones 3! Check out my other game reviews as well!

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