Roblox Survivor (Beta)


Survivor is a fairly new game to Roblox and has already made a pretty significant impact, consistently appearing in the ‘Popular’ games section on the Games page. The concept isn’t too original, having been adapted from the drama shows on TV. Survivor seems to be mostly influenced by shows like ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here’ and ‘Total Drama Island’, with Total Drama Island probably being the main inspiration.

Survivor places you as a camp-mate on a remote island where you and other camp-mates must fight to survive… well… sort of. Instead of fighting snakes, pirates and survival, you just must compete in a bunch of mini-games. Unlike other mini-games on Roblox however, it is played in one large competition. After every game, you and your camp-mates must vote out a player to leave and the rest will be able to continue. You keep playing like this until you reach the final, in which the contestants and ‘Tribal Council’ must vote for who out of the three finalists they want to win. It may sound rather confusing however, in reality, it’s just like all the survival, drama shows on TV. As well as voting for people to leave, there are also ‘idols of immunity’ hidden around the intermission island, where you are placed in between each and every game for one minute. These idols are scattered around the bushes on the island and when picked up, they can be used for a round of immunity, during which, players cannot vote you out.

Survivor was created by Peak Precision Studios a development team founded by GodzGalaxy that seem to be quite obsessed with reality/drama TV shows, having created two games called ‘Big Brother’ and obviously, Survivor. Unfortunately, Big Brother didn’t quite take off like Survivor did and has had minimal success. Currently, Survivor has 253K+ favourites, 83K+ likes and 21M+ visits, despite it only being created on the 6/11/2016.

It seems like a great idea although it does have a few negatives that make the game not so fun or frustrating at times. My key issues with the game are:

  • One round lasts for up to an hour or even more, which can lead to the game becoming increasingly boring to wait for. Also, this means that if you leave mid-game, it will lead in you gaining no coins or rewards for your effort.
  • Teaming happens a lot in this game meaning that you must cheat to win.
  • Playerbases can be very toxic and disrespectful to each other in my own experiences.

Those are my crucial issues with Survivor, all of which are stumping the growth of the game. Unfortunately, a lot of these problems cannot be cut out such as teaming with friends, although the round sizes could easily be reduced and they could limit the speech of players.

In my first-hand experiences with this game, it can become incredibly frustrating, especially when you are the best player at mini-games in your team but you’ll still get voted out due to other players teaming or being jealous of your success. People who spam emojis in chat, put on a fake level of kindness to other players and won’t stop with compliments are the ones that win always, unless a famous player like a YouTuber or developer joins, in which case they will win. The community isn’t great for this game but I can acknowledge the potential that Survivor has.

Overall, I’d give this game a decent rating of 5.5/10, it clearly had a lot of effort put into it but it has so many draw backs due to the community. It really limits the game when half of the server is teaming and refuse to kick out each other, so they choose to kick the inexperienced players. It really puts a lot of limitations on Survivor. If you are not teaming with someone, you are screwed, if you are not spamming emojis and acting trendy in chat, you will be kicked out and it’s so annoying. Even when you join a team, you are likely to be betrayed because if you are not friends with them on Roblox, they do not care about you. It’s a disgusting and increasingly toxic community and it’ll be very hard for the game developers to stop it from being that way.

I’d rate Survivor 8/10 in design. It’s a very well-made game with great graphics for a Roblox game and it clearly had a lot of time and effort dedicated towards it. This game could honestly be one of the best designed on Roblox if it weren’t for the actual gameplay restrictions and limitations. I hope to see the developers in Peak Precision Studios create more projects, but hopefully with a greater insight into their community.

I rate Survivor 6/10 in replayability. There are plenty of minigames to suffice a few rounds however, after a while, this game becomes incredibly repitive and can become rather boring. It is updated every so often though so it does receive additional content, just slowly and not too varied.

Obviously, this game is still pretty new and remains in the ‘Beta’ process so it’s a wee bit unfair to just judge it like I am but you have to take into consideration how long it’s been in beta, nearly a year now.