Roblox Traffic Rush

Traffic Rush is one of many simple games on Roblox that can get quite addictive and are very enjoyable (but frustrating at times). You may not have heard of it yet, but Traffic Rush is a new game that is swiftly climbing up the ranks and pretty much all developers know about it.

RDC is one of the most popular and well-known events hosted by Roblox annually, celebrating and bringing together all sorts of Roblox game developers from all around the world, except for a few Roblox staff members and YouTubers that come along as guests. It is hosted by Roblox (and YouTube this year) but is completely controlled by the Roblox game development community. You might be wondering, why I’m mentioning RDC in this review, well that’s why Traffic Rush has been so popular recently despite it being a new release. For the build-up to RDC 2017, Roblox have been releasing mini-challenges in which event attendees must compete against each other to get the highest score, to face off at RDC. Traffic Rush was one of the first games selected for this process, hence it’s so popular currently.

So, what is Traffic Rush? Traffic Rush, as I said at the beginning of this review, is a very simple but addictive mini-game on Roblox that (in my opinion) is a mix of a few different games. The level is very much like Subway Surfer but increasingly harder however the concept is very much like Crossy Road, one of the most popular mobile apps of recent times. You can see why this is so popular and so fun, it’s the combination of two of the most trending games on mobile, but on Roblox. It can at times become very frustrating however as while you rank up, the game speeds up and becomes more challenging as well. It starts to reach its peak difficulty at 1000 but increases beyond that. Currently, the leaderboard is quite unclear for who has the highest score however, it is believed some people have upwards of 8000!

The game was created in 21/05/2017 and at the time of me writing this (17/07/2017), it was last updated on the 10/06/2017. It’s updated fairly frequently however it doesn’t need too much updating due to its simple concept which is a plus for the developer.

As for additional in-game content, there is an unboxing system in which you can spend coins you earn from your runs on a character-box based on RNG. You either get a common character (bad character) or a rare character (good character) however you should bear in mind that it’s truly hard to get a rare character.

There honestly isn’t too much to rate about this game, it is exactly what you’d expect from a simple mini-game, game like Traffic Rush.

Overall, I’d rate the game 7.5/10, it’s a fun mini-game for limited-sessions, but it can become incredibly frustrating at times and can get a bit boring after a while. It has all the base content required for a mini-game therefore I would recommend playing it. I would rate this game much higher if there was more content however I'd also rate it lower if it wasn't for the amount of quality put into this by the developers.

The graphics are actually very good in this game despite it being just a little mini-game, you can tell the developers made sure that this mini-game had top quality even though they could have just thrown it out badly.

Make sure to check out the developer MakeItRainBows!

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