Roblox Vehicle Simulator (Beta)


Vehicle Simulator is a beta game loosely themed on the driving system in Grand Theft Auto V. Although it’s inspired by GTA V in many categories, Vehicle Simulator is kid-friendly while keeping some popular elements from the actual game. The vehicle customisation, death screen, city and some of the vehicles and how they drive are clearly themed on the Grand Theft Auto series.

When you join, you can choose to become one of three jobs. You can be the basic job which is free to play called Citizen. As a Citizen, your job isn’t really specified, you can either respect the law and play as an actual civilian or you can become a racer or criminal, disobeying laws, speeding always and carjacking unsuspecting victims. Then there are the two paid jobs, Police and Tow Truck Driver. As the Police, your job is to track down criminals, disrupt illegal activities and to protect the city, making it a much better place. To become a Police Officer however, you must pay the price of $200 Robux which isn’t even the most expensive game pass on Vehicle Simulator. And then there is the Tow Truck Job which allows you to drive around and make money from towing cars that have been illegally parked or are heavily damaged. This one costs $100 Robux although it is a bit of an investment in my opinion as you can make quite a lot of in game money from buying this game pass.

Other game passes include the ‘Radio’ game pass which allows you to listen to your radio while driving. This one costs $150 Robux and in my opinion, is a bit of a waste of Robux since you can listen to YouTube while you play but it’s still neat in game. Then there’s the ‘Pocket Auto Shop’ game pass that costs $300 Robux and this one, although it’s quality of life it can be extremely useful. There are very few auto shops in game which can be very annoying at times, so this one is worth it in my opinion. The ‘Insanity’ game pass enables a madness game mode where your vehicle has crazy settings that allow you to climb walls, drive insanely fast and other strange features however, it does cost $666 Robux, which is quite a lot for a minor DLC. Then finally, there’s the ‘Incognito’ mode which, although it’s insignificant, can be extremely useful for avoiding Police and other players while doing missions. It only costs $50 Robux though, so most players can afford it.

It’s a simple concept that has been replicated many times on Roblox but there’s never been a vehicle simulator game as successful as Vehicle Simulator. That was a strange sentence to type. Not only is it a very well worked game but it has incredible graphics and design details. I didn’t expect to really enjoy this game but I oddly enjoyed it and will probably play it again in the future. I held off reviewing and playing this game because I’m increasingly critical of simulator games but this one was fantastic. I recommend trying it out, it may not sound like the kind of game you might like, but even I enjoyed playing it.

Overall, I’d rate this game a very high 8.5/10 rating, one of the highest ratings you’ll probably ever see me give to a game. Most of the ratings for this game are due to the amount of effort put into it. The gameplay is great but like many other games on Roblox, it can become increasingly repetitive after a while. It’s one of those games you wouldn’t be able to play for long sessions but are very, very fun in short sessions. I’m also impressed with the number of features from Grand Theft Auto that they managed to fit into a Roblox game while keeping it kid-friendly.

I give the game a 9/10 rating in design and effort. Vehicle Simulator has had so much effort put into it that I’m stunned. I didn’t expect a simulator game to ever be as good as this. The city is large and full of ramps and secrets to have a more enjoyable driving experience in. There’s a large ocean for people to drive boats in. The land outside of the city is detailed as well. The desert near the city is large, bumpy and full of tiny details, secrets and easter eggs like crashed planes, etc. I’m impressed with what they managed to do with such a minute and specific topic like a Vehicle Simulator.

And finally, I’ve given the game a steady 6.5/10 in replayability. This game could be all the way up to 9/10 and higher overall if it weren’t for the replayability factors. Please bear in mind however that this game is still in the beta process (although it’s been in beta for quite a while now) so it would be quite unfair to judge it so much just now. At the moment, there’s plenty of features like racing and missions but gameplay is still limited and could be improved, hence I’m only rating it 6.5/10 in replayability.