Currently, the biggest Roblox kid-gamer and one of the biggest kid-gamers in general on YouTube, is EthanGamerTV. He has by far, one of the most followed fanbases in the Roblox community with over a million subscribers.

Ethan uploaded his first video all the way back in late September of 2013 and since then has gained 1.4 million subscribers and 773 million views. Whether you like him or hate him, there is no denying that he is one of the most successful, family-friendly content creators on his platform.

Although his channel is mostly focused on Roblox gameplay videos, he also plays Minecraft and other, random games although none of them have proven to be as successful as Roblox. As well as his channel’s success, he has won multiple kid-gaming awards.

He doesn’t rarely do collaborations with very many fans although he has befriended some of them and they are featured in many of his videos. Two good examples of these fans are ProductiveMrDuck and Dedbert who are well known by EthanGamerTV fans.

As well as being the most subscribed to kid-gamer on Roblox, he also has one of the most successful, in-game fan shirts. His official shirt has sold thousands of copies, charging $5 ROBUX a shirt. It’s unknown the exact amount sold although due to all the favourites it has and that most of his fans own one, it could be up in the high thousands. This is only the official fan shirt as well, nevermind the numerous spoofs that have been created by fans wanting to make a little ROBUX.

He also has his very own Roblox game called EGTV Minigames with 2M+ visits, 9,300 likes and was created back in late 2016.

He might be one of the most popular and most hated YouTubers on Roblox but he is also one of the most successful and profitable gaming channels on YouTube at the moment and it seems like he’s only going to keep growing.

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