Roblox Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is currently the most popular FPS game on ROBLOX and has been for a while. The game, although created just over two years ago, has managed to become one of the biggest and most popular games on ROBLOX with 130M+ visits, 286K+ likes and 660K+ favourites. It is highly supported by it’s incredibly devoted community at StyLiS Studios, that being the production group that developed Phantom Forces. The overall head creator of Phantom Forces and StyLiS Studios is called litozinnamon and has always been the man behind all the most popular FPS games on ROBLOX. He was the main person behind Call of Robloxia, arguably the biggest FPS game before Phantom Forces. The game achieved 48M+ visits so he already had a head start with Phantom Forces. The game originated on Beta and Alpha and was paid access for Builder’s Club members. Eventually, the game was launched and ever since has been slowly updated with brand new maps, weapons and features to create the game we now know today as Phantom Forces.

The game is quite simply and is themed after Call of Duty and Battlefield. You are placed into one of two teams in a randomly generated map. These maps are mostly themed after some of the most popular CoD and Battlefield maps however some are custom made by the development team. You must choose a set of weapons and then set out and try to win as much as possible. There are many different game modes to choose from, such as King of the Hill, Capture the Point and Team Deathmatch. They are quite self-explanatory from their names. You’ll either be capturing and defending points, spraying down enemy soldiers and more.

As you play you will begin to rank up and doing so will unlock new weapons, skins and points. The aim of the game is to pretty much get as high of a level as possible.

In one of the newest updates, cases and keys were added to Phantom Forces and are pretty much their equivalent to CS:GO case unboxing. The famous feature from the very popular FPS game has been incorporated into many ROBLOX games and Phantom Forces is no exception. You can buy these with points you gain from playing, with ROBUX or just playing and eventually you will get them as random drops. These allow you to further customise your weapons although unfortunately, with such a wide variety of weapons, it is quite hard to unbox your favourites. Although, considering how easy it is to gain these cases and keys they aren’t very hard to get.

The game won the 2015 Bloxy Award for ‘Best Overall Game’, due to its extremely high votes and general quality. This further sparked the game’s publicity, making it even bigger than it already was. Considering that the game was only created a few years ago, it’s quite impressive how much it has accomplished.
Currently, the game’s independent servers can host up to 32 players at once, meaning 16 players per team.

Overall, I’d rate this game as a solid 8.5/10 due to it not being the ‘best’ game I’ve ever played on ROBLOX but being one of the best. I have played this game ever since it was in the alpha stages, in fact, I was one of many that bought it while it cost ROBUX. Unfortunately, the game is very buggy and I have started to lose interest in it, so due to these reasons, I’ll have to give it an 8.5/10 instead of the 9/10 I would have given it a year ago. Although it probably could have earnt a higher score a while back, it still has one of the highest scores I’ll ever give.

In playability, I will rate this game 8/10 because it’s pretty much, a cheap, censored version of Call of Duty. Despite its content never really changing, it’s a game that I feel like most ROBLOX gamers would be able to enjoy and come back the next day and be just as entertained. You know what you expect from it and yet it never seems to get old. Although it will eventually wear out on you and like me, won’t enjoy it as much anymore, it’s fun experience will last for a long period. The game is also updated quite frequently as well, so that’s quite impressive.

And finally, in graphics I would rate this game as 8/10 thanks to its incredible graphics. Although it isn’t the most realistic of games I’ve ever played, the graphics are still very up to date and top quality. Everything looks very modernised for a ROBLOX game and is extremely well made.

BONUS SCORE! 9/10 for its cover art. Just like MeepCity, this game has incredibly well made artwork as its front cover and images. Whoever created the art for this game is clearly very talented and I rate it very highly.

That’s it for this review, I highly recommend checking out this game if you enjoy FPS games! Make sure to try it and give the game a good rating.

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