Wild Revolvers


Wild Revolvers is a Roblox Western style shooting game created by Novaly Studios involving two teams, the Sheriffs and the Cowboys facing off in typical American maps. You are armed with a revolver (as the title suggests) and must battle the enemy team. The game has gained a following over the past few months after an extremely successful release and although the game’s growth has slowed down in recent weeks, it still has plenty of players online daily and remains to be a major popular game.

Wild Revolver was most successful when it first came out of release and during free weekend. The developers were very clever during the Beta process by making the game ‘pay to play’ however releasing it to the public every Friday and then taking it back into ‘pay to play’. This would be successful for them as it would boost their visits, build up a following and would encourage players to spend Robux on the game. Eventually, when the game seemed ready for release, it was made free and it received a lot of attention. For a brief period, it was the most active game on Roblox, surpassing Jailbreak when it came to online players while the hype around it was still high. Shortly, it’s activity began to reduce however it stayed very popular.

The game has 377K+ favourites, 119K+ likes and 23M+ visits. Considering the game is still kind of new, these are impressive statistics. One feature that has worked successfully for Wild Revolvers is the loot system which has been seen in other popular games such as Murder Mystery and Murder. The loot system allows players to earn collectible items to make their characters unique, cooler and so that they stand out more from the crowd. In the Murder games these are usually knives however, as you can imagine for a game called Wild Revolvers, it’s the revolvers that are customisable. With a quality tier system, it can be intense and exciting, especially for active players. The currency to buy the loot boxes that they are contained in can be obtained by simply playing the game however if you are lazy or just want a load of loot you can purchase it with Robux. The game is not pay to win at all, all buyable items are optional really although they may give you the advantage in appearance.

Overall, I give this game a high rating of 8/10, it has fun core gameplay and the fighting and animations are well made, it certainly makes the game fun to play, the game has had a lot of work put into it and it’s been successful. I enjoy this game, although I do not play it as much anymore as I used to, I still log on every so often and have a blast. It’s a great game to play if you’re bored and want to practise your aim. The game isn’t the hardest to get good at however it heavily relies on aim so if you aren’t great with aiming your gun, then this game may not be for you.

I give the game a solid rating of 7.5/10 in design. I’ve seen prettier games, but the maps look great and serve their purpose. They are western inspired, rugged, rough and look like a place you’d find cowboys. As for the skins used by the guns, most of them look good or badass so I cannot complain about them. Overall, a very nice-looking game.

I rate the game 7.5/10 in replayability. Over time as more and more maps are added to the game and potentially even new gamemodes, Wild Revolvers will have more replayability factors although it is already currently a game that you will want to return to. There isn’t a LOT of content right now for the game and there could be more, that is my only complaint really.

I highly suggest checking this game out because I’ve had a lot of fun on it and I’d certainly say it’s one of the best made games out there right now on Roblox. It’s worth a shot at least since it’s free.