Note: AlbertsStuff content is PG13, you have been warned!

There is no denying that AlbertsStuff is one of the fastest growing Roblox YouTubers, now. It seems like he is gaining more and more subscribers and views every upload, despite his content being regarded as inappropriate for most the Roblox playerbase. Unlike most Roblox YouTubers, Albert panders towards the elder-teenage community, reviewing much ruder topics and putting a comedic spin on them. Although his videos aren’t supposed to be targeted at younger viewers, as expected with most Roblox YouTubers, a decent portion of his viewership are younger fans.

Due to the topics of his videos, he has gained a fair amount of controversy, having had some of his accounts targeted by angry parents and even Roblox at times. This doesn’t stop him though as he continues to upload regularly to his channel and it proves to be very successful.

Recently, he has been expanding his channel past Roblox, while still focusing on it. He has played other online-games aimed for younger children and making a joke out of some of the rude and inappropriate content that can be found in them.

One of the Roblox games he is best known for is MeepCity. He has made numerous videos playing MeepCity due to its strange and diverse community. There are plenty of different players on the game, some are there just to bond and make friends, others are there for other types of ‘bonds’ and adult content and Albert seems to find these kinds of people quite easily.

There is no denying that AlbertsStuff is one of the biggest and greatest Roblox trolls with his hilarious videos, exposing the truth behind some of the biggest roleplaying games on Roblox.

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