DanTDM is by far, the biggest kid-gaming channel of all time on YouTube. After gaining millions of subscribers and views from uploading daily Minecraft videos, he decided to expand his fanbase by playing other games such as Roblox and random Steam games.

Even although Minecraft was his most successful game, starting Roblox videos would prove to be a massive expansion to Dan’s channel. His videos were a huge hit in the Roblox community, with many younger players becoming instant fans due to his family-friendly gameplay that is full of young jokes.

DanTDM would go on to be one of the most popular Roblox YouTubers despite his success originating from Minecraft. He has bolstered his fanbase and is now perhaps the biggest Roblox YouTuber, winning many Roblox awards for his efforts.

Although he isn’t known for doing very many collaborations with other YouTubers, recently he has been playing a lot more with fans, featuring them in his videos, with two examples being GoldenNinja50 and Fraser2TheMax! He also does multiple fan meetups in real life for his Minecraft and Roblox fans.

Recently, he even published a children’s book that would turn out to be incredibly successful. Although it is based on Minecraft, it would have a few references relating to Roblox and some other games that he has played over the years.

He might be most popular due to his success on Minecraft but there is no denying that he is a massive part of the Roblox YouTube community.

YouTube Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS5Oz6CHmeoF7vSad0qqXfw