Fraser2TheMax is a kid-friendly, Let’s Play YouTuber with over 6,000+ subscribers and 650,000+ views. Born in Scotland but living in Spain, Fraser uploads daily as well as streaming at least once a week, sometimes more depending on the occasion. He has uploaded over 300+ videos since his creation on the 31st of October, 2015 although his first video to be uploaded was on the 7th of December, 2015. Although he uploads videos on Minecraft and other games, he mainly focuses on ROBLOX.

The channel is run by his parents due to him being too young to own a channel. At the time of writing this he is only 9-years-old. Due to this, his Twitter and YouTube channel is mostly run by his Dad however Fraser also responds to most comments and tweets under supervision.

Fraser has publicly said that he takes inspiration from other massive gaming YouTubers, DanTDM and EthanGamerTV as well as a few others.

His channel has been growing quite quickly for a ‘smaller’ channel like his and it helped that he has made collaborations with SallyGreenGamer and even meeting DanTDM in real life and playing with him on his Minecraft Realm (aka, private server on the game Minecraft).

Personal Information

Fraser is a 10-year-old kid gamer who was born in Scotland but currently lives in Spain with his parents, two brothers (Adam & Harrison) and two cats (Nora & Nova). His brother Adam runs a channel of his own, MadaVoid however, he doesn’t upload Roblox videos much these days and is a smaller channel.

Fraser has been playing ROBLOX since February of 2014 however his first self owned account was created in early March of that same year when he was 6 years old.

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