A perfect example of a YouTuber that is approved of by the Roblox community and even the company is SallyGreenGamer. She is known to be one of the friendliest YouTubers in the Roblox community, uploading family-friendly videos and livestreams. Due to these reasons, she is the perfect example of how a Roblox YouTuber should be and this is probably why Roblox feature her so much. She even recently got featured in a Roblox interview to celebrate woman’s month and was even presenting at the BloxyAwards Ceremony (the annual Roblox Awards Show).

Although gameplay videos are where her audience is focused, she also streams on YouTube occasionally which tends to get sometimes hundreds of viewers. She is also known to collaborate with other YouTubers in the Roblox scene such as Fraser2TheMax.

She has been uploading since early December of 2015 and started her channel by playing Minecraft. Since then, she has transitioned to Roblox where she focuses her uploads. Although she doesn’t play Minecraft as much anymore and is now better known for being a Roblox YouTuber, she continues to upload her Minecraft series.

As well as her main channel where she uploads gaming videos, she also has a vlogging channel with just over 3,000 subscribers in which she vlogs her life. So far, she has uploaded a few vlogs and even a video of her time attending Pax South 2017.

If you would like to learn more about SallyGreenGamer then you should check out her channel and her interview she had with Roblox recently!

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