AlvinBLOX is one of the most-subscribed Roblox YouTubers for his age group and channel theme. He uploads guides on how to make advanced games on Roblox, more specifically, the scripting in these games.

Beyond his YouTube channel he has also helped many big game developers with making and adapting games with his skills. Due to these reasons, he has earned quite the reputation on Roblox for being the go-to, young scripter. He also attends most Roblox events that occur in England (especially London), attending REM16, RDC Europe, Maker Faire and BLOXcon.

Although his subscribers mainly come for his scripting videos, he also uploads the occasional gameplay video as well as streaming on an almost, weekly basis. It just so happens to be that I, MadaVoid am Moderator on his stream and help him to keep the chat clean! His streams garner quite the audience despite them being very different to his regular content. Usually, he pulls anywhere from 40-80 viewers on at once, with his latest stream reaching peak numbers of approximately, 80 viewers.

AlvinBLOX has also stated who his favourite YouTubers are, these include Fraser2TheMax and EthanGamerTV for gaming and DaveHax for general YouTubers. He also has Tom Scott and DanTDM in his ‘Fave Channels’ list on YouTube as well as the YouTubers mentioned prior.

He has been playing Roblox on his alvinbloxx account since early 2011 and has been uploading since May of 2015.

You should check out his channel for his awesome guides and live streams! Join me every Sunday that he goes live in chat aswell!

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