Redneck Gamer

Redneck Gamer is a channel ran by an American man called (Eric) Phmundacheese and his children, cookiedooooh and SuperLogan. They have been streaming and uploading videos for more than a year now however their success first started from their ‘interview’ series where they uploaded multiple sketches, pretending that they were interviewing various popular YouTubers. Some of these videos even managed to attract the attention of the actual YouTubers and it is how they first became known. Despite this being their most popular series, by far their most popular video is a clip taken from one of their livestreams in which cookiedooooh unboxes a ‘Godly Knife’ on a game called Murder Mystery 2. For those of you that don’t know what that means, in the game called Murder Mystery 2, you can buy knives and they have different qualities. Knives rated as ‘Godly’ are considered extremely rare and so this video became very successful within the MM2 community. It may have not been their regular content but it sure was a hit.

Currently, they focus on uploading a few streams per week. Eric (aka Phmundacheese) is the main host of the channel, also being the person that manages it. He is good friends with other YouTubers and streamers in the Roblox community such as Laugh It Up Gaming, SallyGreenGamer, G-Rated Family Gaming, Fraser2TheMax and that’s just to name a few.

He has probably been the most successful Roblox streamer on YouTube and has used his luck and popularity to rise amongst the ranks and is now about to reach 12,000 subscribers for his efforts alongside his family.

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